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Stories About Autism

Why I learnt to embrace the stim

Do you know what a stim is? Sometimes Tommy and Jude do things that draw attention to themselves. People stop and stare, they whisper behind our backs, they might even say something loud enough for us to hear, offering their advice on how I should parent my children. In the meantime, Tommy[…]

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School scared

Why I’m scared that school starts tomorrow

We’ve almost made it. Summer holidays are nearly over, and tomorrow school is about to begin! Parents and children all around the country have mixed feelings of relief, excitement, nervousness, and fear. New classes, new teachers, the chance to get back to a regular routine, September brings with it a month of[…]

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One year down: My first blogoversary!

It’s my blogoversary! A year ago I hit the post button on my first ever blog, and Stories About Autism was born! I had no idea how it would go, or what I was doing, I was so scared that first night. But I was also passionate about doing this. I[…]

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