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Stories About Autism

Why April is the hardest month

What is Autism Awareness Month like for someone who is autistic? Does it make a difference, or is the month a more difficult time for them? Here Maria, who is autistic, mum to two autistic children, and author of the Facebook page Aspiemom: Adventures in Autismland, shares with us why,[…]

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Dear Autism

When you’re a parent and autism enters your life, you go through a range of thoughts and emotions as you try to understand what it means to your child. Some emotions you hold onto for weeks, months, even years, everyone’s different. Some you let go, some come back again, and[…]

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A promise to my autistic daughter

I discovered an amazing Facebook page a couple of months ago, which was raising autism awareness through a documentary style photography approach. In this post it’s founder, Glenn Gameson-Burrows, talks about why he started the project, and his promise to his autistic daughter When you have children, everything seems perfect. The[…]

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